The Illinois Republican Party’s “Dirty Dozen”: State Representative Jim Sacia

Freeport, in Stevenson County, is home to some good people who support American manufacturing, and some of them protested outside of the Sensata plant in Freeport upon hearing that the plant would be closed and the jobs there would be sent overseas to China.

However, Freeport is represented in the Illinois House of Representatives by crazy Republican State Representative Jim Sacia of the 89th Representative District of Illinois, who, in a rant on the floor of the Illinois House, compared gun violence prevention programs to castration:

Don’t blame the rest of us. This isn’t about Democrats, it’s not about Republicans. It’s because Chicago wants a warm fuzzy. “Let’s pass a bill that will eliminate assault rifles.” Last year, there were more people killed with hammers than with assault rifles. Here’s an analogy folks, I ask you to think of this: You folks in Chicago, want me to get castrated because you’re families are having too many kids. It spells out exactly what is happening here! You want us to get rid of guns. … You bet I used Chicago as an example, because you’re the folks that want this craziness.”

No, Jim, Chicagoans do NOT want you to get castrated. Also, Jim, your suggestion that guns are less dangerous than hammers is flatly absurd. Last year, you were completely opposed in your state representative race. While I live in a different representative district than yours, I will support any credible Democratic challenger who steps up to run against you in 2014.

For being a loud and proud gun nut, Jim Sacia has earned a spot in the Illinois GOP’s “Dirty Dozen”.

About Aaron Camp

Blogger who mostly writes about Illinois and Wisconsin politics. Atheist. Democrat. Progressive. Resident of Westville, Illinois. Sole blogger of The Progressive Midwesterner.


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