Illinois Democrats are pushing ALEC’s right-wing agenda

As a progressive-minded Democrat from East Central Illinois, I’m disgusted by the fact that the Democrats who control both houses of the Illinois General Assembly are pushing parts of the agenda of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a far-right organization that drafts “model bills” seeking to privatize public education, undermine environmental protections, oppose health insurance reform, bust public-sector unions, proliferate guns in society, and promote other goals of the far-right in the United States.

State Senator John Sullivan, State Senator Toi Hutchinson, and State Representative Anthony DeLuca, all three of which are Democrats, successfully pushed for two bills based on an ALEC model bill which allows some people with no background in education to obtain teaching credentials:

Illinois passed two bills related to ALEC’s “Alternative Certification Act,” which allows individuals with subject-matter experience, but no background in education, to obtain teaching credentials. According to the report, these measures are part of a larger agenda to “undermine unionized workers and promote a race to the bottom in wages and benefits for American workers.”

The two education bills that were signed into law this year in Illinois are HB 1868, sponsored by State Rep. Michael Unes (R-East Peoria) and Sen. John Sullivan (D-Rushville), and HB 513, sponsored by State Rep. Anthony DeLuca (D-Chicago Heights) and Sen. Toi Hutchinson (D-Olympia Fields).

You may remember Toi Hutchinson from the special U.S. House election in the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois earlier this year. She was the one who tried to run away from her ties to the gun lobby after the Chicago Tribune and progressive bloggers, including me, exposed her for having ties to the NRA. Toi Hutchinson is not a progressive, and she’s proven that once again.

John Sullivan’s role in pushing part of ALEC’s anti-public education agenda is even more despicable, as he’s the Assistant Majority Leader in the Illinois Senate. With Democratic “leaders” like John Sullivan, who needs Republicans?

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