Toni Berrios supports the same anti-public education agenda that Wisconsin’s Scott Walker does

Never before has there been two Democrats who have such different visions for Illinois than the two Democrats who are running in the 39th Representative District Democratic primary: incumbent State Representative Toni Berrios and progressive activist Will Guzzardi.

As this report from WGN-TV noted, Berrios is a supporter of charter schools and school vouchers, both of which are school privatization schemes which take taxpayer money away from public schools and use it to fund private schools. Guzzardi, on the other hand, is a staunch defender of public education in Illinois, in fact, he was a fierce critic of Rahm Emanuel’s plan to shut down dozens of public schools in Chicago, which lacks a directly-elected school board. Guzzardi supports amending the Illinois Constitution to levy a progressive state income tax, which would give the state more money to fund public schools and pay the billions of dollars in unpaid bills that our state owes.

Guess who else supports charter schools and school vouchers? Right-wing Republicans like Illinois’s very own Bruce Rauner and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker. Rauner has run paid ads for his bid for the GOP gubernatorial nomination talking about his staunch support of charter schools, and, while he hasn’t explicitly talked about supporting school vouchers that I know of, he does support implementing them here in Illinois. Walker implemented a statewide school voucher program in Wisconsin that has done absolutely nothing to improve the quality of education in Wisconsin and has mostly served as a welfare program for parents who already sent their children to private schools.

Charter schools and school vouchers do little, if anything, to improve the quality of public education. If anything, charter schools and school vouchers take money and resources away from public schools, which makes the quality of education worse.

Don’t let Democrats like Toni Berrios help Republicans turn Illinois into Scott Walker’s Wisconsin. If you live in the 39th Representative District of Illinois, vote for Will Guzzardi on March 18. Unlike Berrios, Guzzardi will stand up for public education in Illinois, stand up to the corrupt Democratic establishment, and fight to make Illinois a more progressive place to live.

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